New Jerusalem

New Jerusalem, 2015
Multi-channel video installation and performance, 25 min.
(5 minute excerpt)

New Jerusalem is a research based project which culminated in a bureaucratic musical performance at Jerusalem City Council’s monthly assembly. The work brings together religious rituals and political performance. In the presence of the mayor of Jerusalem and city council members, an Orthodox cantor sang contestant clause of Jerusalem’s urban plan: “Master Plan 2000.”  This is the first plan to include the Palestinian territories, Israel annexed to the city in 1967. Due to its controversial content the plan was never made available for public objections as required by law so remains unauthorized, yet it is fully implemented by the municipality. The concert was broadcast live to panelists who analyzed the plan’s historical, legal and political components. To this day New Jerusalem remains one of the only public debates about the Plan.

New Jerusalem is presented as a two-channel video installation. A transcript of the comments are presented on the other side of the cantor’s video, literally giving the “background” to the plan.